How to Download Music from

How to Download Music from

Step-By-Step guide to download from

Here’s our simple instruction of what you should do to download a music/song from Bandcamp. Just follow these easy steps in order to reach your goal.

First Way

  1. First of all, visit;
  2. Look for the music you wanted to listen;
  3. Copy the URL of your music;
  4. Go to Free Online BandCamp Music Downloader;
  5. Paste the copied URL into a search field;
  6. Easily press “Download Button” -  and you will see the video pretty soon!

Second Way

  1. Install Bandcamp Audio Downloader;
  2. Visit Any song;
  3. Press: Download Video.

Bandcamp is a private company that was founded in 2007. The main goal of this service was to provide an online music store and a perfect platform for new artists and their promotion. The service is dedicated mostly to independent artists.

Artists registered in Bandcamp system, have a customized website where they are free to create their music, upload it and share it with other users. It is possible to play any of the tracks for free or to purchase the whole album or a single track at affordable prices.

Anyone can donate to the artists on the website or to get a free single after joining the e-mail list of an artist. There are many options that allow sending a song as a gift, viewing lyrics and more. These options provide independent artists with a free online presence for their music.

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