How to Download Videos from

How to Download Videos from

Download Video Instruction

Step-By-Step guide to download from

We’re glad to help you with a small instruction of how to easily download a video from Instagram. Hope, it will help you to get the newest and best videos. There are 3 ways of how you can do it.

First Way

  1. Follow the link to page;
  2. Find the Instagram video post you would like to download and copy its URL;
  3. After that, go to Free Online Instagram Video Downloader;
  4. Just paste the URL you have copied into the search field;
  5. Easily press “Download Button” – and you will see your video downloading.

Second Way

  1. Go to Chrome extensions and install Instagram Video & Image Downloader;
  2. Visit the website;
  3. Press "Download Video" button – and it is ready!

Third Way (Powered by

  1. Follow to;
  2. Find the Instagram video post you would like to save to computer or mobile;
  3. Add text "2get" after domain name in browser address bar (like:
  4. You will be redirected to download page - Ready!

Instagram is a photo-sharing service for mobile phones. It helps users to share pictures and videos on Instagram as well as via other social networking platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

If you are a registered user on Instagram, it will let you upload photos or videos. You can take usage of fantastic digital filters, add location and tags. Those tags help your video to appear for other Instagram users. By this means, the topic-related content will be grouped and shown based on people’s searches.

Originally, a special feature of Instagram was putting a photo into a square; however, it was changed in August 2015, when users got the possibility to upload full-size photos. Private messaging was launched with photo-sharing features in December 2013. In August 2016, Instagram introduced a new feature called "Stories" allowing users to add photos to a story available within 24 hours.

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