How to Download Videos from

How to Download Videos from

Step-By-Step guide to download

Welcome to our step-by-step instruction of how to download your favorite video from Liveleak. There are 2 ways to achieve it – follow these simple steps:

First Way

  1. Type in your browser -;
  2. Go to the website and find your video;
  3. Copy the URL of your video;
  4. After that, visit Free Online LiveLeak Video Downloader;
  5. Simply paste the URL you copied before, into the search field;
  6. Press “Download Button” – and here you are, your video will be ready shortly!

Second Way

  1. Install Video Downloader;
  2. Check any LiveLeak video you like;
  3. Press “Download Video” in order to get your video!

LiveLeak is a very popular British website and service that helps to share videos and post new media files. The website was created on 31 October 2006. The aim of the website was to cover political media, reality footage etc. This kind of citizen journalism raised much controversy. It was reasoned mostly by political and graphic content as well as unauthorized filming.

You have a part of the website called “YourSay” where people can leave their videos to be seen by others. Most videos on LiveLeak are political, however new sections appear with time.

The site is evaluated as the 966th most popular website in the world (data of July 2016).